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About Us

Relish Kitchens specialises in the design, supply and installation of kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom furniture. Located in the heart of Thame and with over 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves on our expert design services, excellent customer service, and ease of working with us.

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Our Approach

You’re thinking of remodelling your kitchen. What now?

We recognise that a kitchen remodel is a large investment that you have saved up for. Therefore, we feel strongly about you being an informed consumer and knowing exactly what you are getting. Our expert kitchen designers have in-depth product knowledge to guide you in achieving your ideal kitchen.


Meet with one of our kitchen designers at our Relish Kitchens showroom to get started. There is a plethora of options out there, and we can help you narrow them down to meet your needs and budget.


Considering your remodelling time frame, as well as your preferences of kitchen door style, finishes, carcass colour and accessories, together we can accomplish everything you are looking for.

Our specialised kitchen designers in Thame, Oxfordshire can help to transform your space to combine both form and function.

Let us help you make your remodelling project easy and manageable! 

Charcoal and off-white apartment kitchen

Why Have Us Install?

Every kitchen style has its own particular quirks and nuances. Our installers have worked with the kitchen collections we carry for many years and know each range like the back of their hand. This takes out any guess work during installation and minimises the risk of potential mistakes, ensuring a smoother process.

Our designers and installers have also worked hand-in-hand for many years, which means we know how each other works. Our installers are familiar with the way our designers put a kitchen together, and therefore are able to execute the designs as they are intended.

Having us install your kitchen cabinets also allows us to have control over the installation process, which means we are able to take responsibility of any problems that occur and therefore find solutions for them. This again ensures a smoother and more efficient process, so that you can enjoy your new kitchen sooner!

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Our showroom is open with beautiful displays and we look forward to your visit.

We welcome your enquiry, call us on 01844 212750 or via email

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