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Our Kitchen Ranges

Contemporary to classic, compact to open plan and everything in between.  We love bringing your kitchen aspirations to life with an enjoyable design experience, using the finest quality of furniture, appliances and an ever-lasting commitment to your customer service.

Here at Relish Kitchens, we offer our clientele a comprehensive range of beautiful and high-quality kitchen cabinets and doors, that will allow you to create your dream kitchen with assuredness.

We offer many different types and styles of kitchens for you to explore, from high gloss, handleless kitchen units to hand painted traditional cabinets. Take a look at the examples below, to help you decide which style would suit your family and your home.


Our true handleless modern kitchens incorporate the latest trend for uninterrupted lines, a clean uncluttered look with minimalist styling. Our rail system ensures your new kitchen has the finishing touch which brings quality with a modern kitchen style.


The inventive modern kitchen J-Pull design makes handleless doors easy to open and use, creating a clean run of units with a simple style that will always be on trend.


Contemporary kitchen designs with stunning finishes, eye catching colours and handle choices for doors, the options for a unique and modern kitchen are literally endless.


TRADITIONAL: Looking for something a bit more old-school? Raised panel cabinets are the perfect choice for a traditional kitchen. With a more formal appearance, these cabinets will elevate the sophistication of any room in your home. Raised panel cabinets feature a classic door front, lined with a moulding trim around the edges. Visit us at our showroom, to check out our raised panel styles to find the right colour to match your dream kitchen.  

SHAKER: Our most popular cabinet style, ideal for that perfectly rustic feel. Full of charm and renowned by designers for its timeless elegance, shaker cabinets are versatile and suit any kitchen. Shaker cabinets are distinguished by their simple door front featuring a recessed flat panel surrounded by a solid band. Relish Kitchens carries shaker cabinets in a variety of colours to match whatever style you are trying to create.

IN-FRAME: A type of kitchen design where the door of the cabinet is inset within a wooden frame, and the frame is fixed onto the front face of the kitchen carcass.  The frame provides strength to the front of a cabinet and is also considered a visual feature. In-Frame Kitchens borrow from traditional cabinet furniture construction and conjure up images of traditional craftsmanship and long-term durability.

Our showroom is open with beautiful displays and we look forward to your visit.

We welcome your enquiry, call us on 01844 212750 or via email

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