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Our Process


Visit our showroom and see our extensive range of door styles, finishes and colours.  Share ideas with us and we will help select a style for your kitchen and worktops that suits your tastes.

At this first stage, we will discuss your design needs and requirements regarding elements such as appliances, sinks and taps.  We would find it helpful to gather information about the project budget you may have in mind.


Once we have had our initial meeting, the next step would be to set up a measuring appointment with us.  We will visit your job site to take accurate measurements of your space.  This is to ensure that your kitchen order fits the dimensions of your space, and that our proposed layout will work with your plumbing and electrical locations.


It takes finesse to transform a design concept into a practical and buildable project.  While anyone can sell you cabinet boxes, our experienced designers at Relish Kitchens can provide you with a well-designed kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom space that is the perfect blend of aesthetics, convenience, and functionality.  All your specifications, including the appliances, accessories, and other products will be incorporated by your Kitchen Designer, in realistic 3D Computer Aided Design drawings for your review.  Once the drawings are finalised, we require a 25% deposit to order from our factory. 

Starting work when it suits you, we will provide a schedule and keep you updated on our progress.  Once the furniture is manufactured, it will be delivered to our warehouse along with the appliances, sink, tap, etc.  We will then have everything delivered to your property, where upon the remaining 75% balance payment will become due.  Trust us to create your dream kitchen and we will be there for you every step of the way.


A design is only as good as its execution.  That is why we have an installation team of experienced specialised skilled craftsman; fully insured to provide assurance of a job done well.  If you decide to have us install your worktops as well, our team of worktop fabricators will template and fabricate your worktop after the units are installed.  Our specialist designers go through the drawings and specifications with the installers, so you get a seamless experience for your project. 


While we are installing your new kitchen, you have a single point of contact, your designer, so you have complete peace of mind.  There will be no need to chase plumbers nor plasterers, as Relish Kitchens will ensure that the process is easy for you.


Upon completion, your designer will be in touch with you to ensure that the project is finished to your satisfaction.  If necessary we will do our best to address any outstanding issues as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your newly remodelled space!

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Relish Kitchens will be there to assist you with anything else you require long after the kitchen installation is complete.  Our reputation is our greatest asset, and we pride ourselves on caring for our customers for as long as they need us.

You will of course be left with all the relevant information, including instruction manuals, guarantees and contact numbers for your new products, but we will always be available in the unlikely event of there being any issues.

Our showroom is open with beautiful displays and we look forward to your visit.

We welcome your enquiry, call us on 01844 212750 or via email

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