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The Importance of a Good Kitchen Designer

Purchasing a beautiful, bespoke kitchen is a daunting experience for many, and with so many decisions to be made the process can be both confusing and time-consuming. This is why an accomplished kitchen designer is key to a successful kitchen project.

It is certainly important to have an agreeable and harmonious working relationship between you and your kitchen designer; to have someone who not only understands your needs in a practical sense but someone who is on your wavelength too.

When visiting the kitchen showroom for the first time, it would be very helpful to take along magazine or brochure images and any sketches, to show your designer at your initial consultation. Indeed, a well-planned kitchen needs to incorporate the homeowner’s needs, wants and lifestyle. Therefore, your kitchen designer needs to be a good listener, as well as, to explain the variety of options, regarding design layout possibilities, which may not have even been envisaged by you.

No matter how perfect the kitchen design may look, the client won’t be happy if the kitchen cannot be utilised in an easily accessible and functional manner. That is where kitchen ergonomic tips are vital and a good designer will bear in mind the layout of kitchen appliances, the working height of work surfaces, the kitchen sink and the cooker hood positions, to prevent the client having to constantly bend, reach, strain and stoop. The concept of ergonomics in interior design is to let the surroundings compliment the space in a practical and healthy way. Designing for accessibility is at the very core of kitchen ergonomics and requires client-focused, individual attention and this is what you can certainly expect from RELISH KITCHENS.

Your kitchen designer needs to take measurements of your space and draw out a plan of your kitchen area as it is currently, with any doorways and windows in position by using our high quality CAD software at RELISH KITCHENS. This will help to give an initial idea of what will go where, and with the client’s ideas incorporated into all aspects of the design, your kitchen designer will finally produce impressive and realistic images of your dream kitchen.

Without doubt, a good kitchen designer will be an expert in their field and would have knowledge of what’s new and on trend. The designer will be able to recommend products, from kitchen units, to worktops, sinks, taps, lighting, splashbacks and appliances that would best suit you and your family.

Unfortunately, many clients do not reveal their budget when asked, however, it is in the client’s best interest to provide a realistic benchmark, which would allow the kitchen designer to recommend kitchen cabinetry, appliances, work surfaces, splashbacks, lighting and flooring, as well as, to design according to the client’s lifestyle and goals. In fact, providing a budget, would minimise the risk of being presented with a marvellous design that is not realistic and is unaffordable. The dedicated designers at RELISH KITCHENS can turn your kitchen ideas and aspirations into a reality, so let us assist you in the creation of your brand new kitchen!

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