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Why it is named a Shaker Kitchen?

Updated: Apr 2

Shaker kitchen cabinetry originated from minimalistic furnishing ideas from early America, so who would have imagined their amazing appeal in the 21st century! Shaker kitchens have a classical and elegant look about them and since their design is simple and timeless, Shaker kitchens are very popular with the clientele at RELISH KITCHENS.

Shaker style cabinets and doors actually get their name from the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, more commonly known as Shakers. They were founded in England in the late 1700s, yet due to religious persecution they fled to America. This group of settlers were devoted to God, hard work, communal ownership of property and simple living.

Despite being a modest religious community, the Shakers were brilliantly innovative and became an economic success, through selling well-made and simply designed furniture. Although Shakers avoided embellishments when creating their kitchen doors and furniture, they did stain or paint their wood in different colours.

In fact, the Shaker cabinet has a square frame and recessed panel profile. The panel can be split into one or more sections by using pieces know as mid-rails. They were traditionally constructed from pine, cherry or maple wood, however, are now often produced from more sustainable woods such as oak or birchwood. The quality of the timber and fundamental functionality of the cabinetry is the essence of a Shaker Kitchen.

Shaker kitchens are well-known for their elegant classic style and good quality. In fact, the Shaker kitchen style has remained one of the most sought after, due to their beautifully crafted construction and their minimalist, simple framed and clean-lined design. This style of kitchen is incredibly popular to this day and particularly so with our clients. At RELISH KITCHENS, our stylish Shaker designs are produced by two accomplished British manufacturers, namely, Omega PLC (which include kitchen brands: Mackintosh, Chippendale and NOVUS) and also LochAnna. Both of which uphold the same scrupulous attention to detail and high standards, which means that our clients can enjoy this timeless and celebrated style in the heart of their homes, for years to come!

Furthermore, the unfussy elegance of the Shaker design makes it very adaptable. A Shaker kitchen is the best choice when wanting to add that touch of character to a modern space or to accentuate the inviting appeal of a traditional environment. With so many alluring colours to choose from, RELISH KITCHENS is here to help you create your brand-new Shaker kitchen.

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